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Isuzu expects Thai exports to be stagnant this year

Isuzu’s exports from Thailand is expected to stay flat this year as demand from the critical Middle East market place is set stay slow, Bangkok Post reports.

Last year, Isuzu’s shipments from Thailand slipped 11% to 160,000 units. Toshiaki Maekawa, president of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales, the Thai distributor of Isuzu trucks, mentioned that the firm expects export volume to be about 160,000 to 170,000 units this year, combining each CBU and CKD units.

“Unfavourable circumstances in the Middle East, where financial prospects stay murky and oil rates stay reasonably low, will make it challenging for Isuzu to develop exports. Isuzu also wants to rely on the Middle Eastern industry, particularly for Saudi Arabia exactly where the company controls 80% market place share,” he mentioned.

“There are myriad risks from other countries that could impact the country’s car export such as the new economic policies of US president Donald Trump, the international conflicts among the United States and China, and the US and Israel, and weak economic situation in Japan,” Maekawa added, echoing the sentiment of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) automotive club.

On the domestic front, the maker of the D-Max choose-up truck and MU-X SUV expects sales to grow by a modest two% this year, to 146,000 units. Isuzu expects Thailand’s 2017 auto sales to grow 5.5% to 810,000 units. The FTI is forecasting a 2.six% growth in total Thai output this year to two million units, such as 800,000 units for domestic consumption.

Isuzu operates two Thai plants in Samut Prakan and Chachoengsao. Combined, they have an annual production capacity of 366,000 units, and serve domestic sales as well as exports to more than 110 countries. The truck and diesel engine specialist is set to roll out a refreshed MU-X in Thailand next month.

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UMWT introduces Toyota Drive app – book service slot, road help, outlet locator, Topmark listings

UMW Toyota Motor has announced a new smartphone app that will increase convenience for its consumers. The Toyota Drive app is available for free from Google Play (for Android phones) and the Apple App Shop (for iPhones).

Toyota Drive enables customers to schedule service appointments, request for the 24Seven Road Assist service in the case of a breakdown or accident, find Toyota outlets and discover out far more about service packages. A single can also check listings and rates of Toyota pre-owned vehicles from Topmark, which has six physical outlets in Peninsular Malaysia.

Furthermore, owners who have registered with Toyota Drive can also access their vehicle’s service history, get suggestions on how to take care of their Toyota and hyperlink to the brand’s social media channels by means of the app. Check out the video above to see how the app functions.

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Spied: Fiat Panda set for mid-life update

The Fiat Panda has been about considering that 2012 in its present kind, meaning it’s higher time for a facelifted version to arrive – and our spy photographers have caught the new model out winter testing in Sweden.

This model is a four-wheel drive Fiat Panda Cross, with the distinctive scuff plate on the reduce front bumper and prominent fog lights close to the grille. The camouflage on this prototype auto seems to be performing a quite great job of obascuring the alterations, as it seems really related to the existing model.

The Fiat badge appears slightly larger, but we count on to see new lights and perhaps a tweaked bumper style on the completed product. It’s also possible that this vehicle is merely testing a new engine variant that would join the existing 1.three-litre diesel, 1.two-litre and .9-litre TwinAir petrol engines in the range. Updates will apply across the variety, which includes the venerable 4×4 model.

It’s the identical story at the rear of the new Panda here, as there are no noticable changes more than the existing Panda Cross. The regular Panda could advantage from a couple of much more alterations than the tricked-out Cross variant, too.

No details on the updated Panda have arrived however, but we count on a handful of additional equipment and tech inside as effectively, with the possibility of a couple of interior styling adjustments. Anticipate to see the new car out by the end of the year, possibly making its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the Autumn.

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‘The cost VW will spend for its self-inflicted mess is immeasurable’

Volkswagen’s deeply damaging diesel debacle simply will not go away. Practically 18 months into the scandal, the German giant still stands accused of cheating – and much far more. Culpable directors on multi-million Euro salaries, plus senior managers earning considerably significantly less, have lost jobs and careers.

Former chairman Ferdinand Piech now faces attainable legal action, too, right after he claimed he raised the diesel problem with the board months just before the scandal broke. VW emphatically repudiates these allegations, and this could outcome in an unseemly libel case. And even though this self-inflicted mess is likely to cost billions in fines, compensation and legal expenses in the quick term, the cost VW will spend over future decades is immeasurable.

• VW emissions scandal most current

Earnings in the final economic year have been non-existent. VW is undoubtedly down. But, as it showed in late 2016 and again in early 2017, it’s not out. Who’d have believed residual values for its diesels with ‘cheat’ technologies would hold up so well? Or that the VW Group would overtake Toyota as the world’s number a single automobile maker by volume? Or that VW UK would, even without having the Phaeton on its books, take its official costs by way of the psychologically essential £50,000 barrier. Can a Touareg truly justify a £50,810 list price tag?

How has VW managed to do so effectively in showrooms when it is performing so badly in courts and government hearings across the globe? By producing punters delivers they can’t refuse. The up! city vehicle remains good value from around £8,500 right after cost cuts, while discounted Polos and Golfs at sub-£10k and £20k respectively are no brainers, as well. All 3 are current Globe Car of the Year winners – and nonetheless really inexpensive. And even though prime-end VWs aren’t as good, they’re getting slashed by £10,000 or more.

In the US, possible VW purchasers are being drawn in by lease offers that comprise “$ initial payment + $ down payment + $ safety, plus 3 years’ free of charge upkeep on ALL 2017 Volkswagen models”. Other Stateside clients are enjoying 20 year/200,000-mile warranties on new VWs and 10 year/100,000-mile cover on used examples.

Could official or unofficial VW retailers supply equally tempting offers to UK buyers? Hyundai and Kia pray not. After all, a VW – even one with a questionable diesel heritage – would be completely irresistible to UK motorists if blessed with a planet-beating 240-month warranty.

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How Often Do I Want to Adjust My Oil?

Woman_checking_oil-iStock_46051112-kasto80Most drivers have grown up with the traditionally advertised oil modify recommendation of 3,000 miles, but if you&#39ve purchased a new automobile within the last ten years that interval could no longer be necessary.

In truth, if you are driving a vehicle that is significantly less than five years old, you might only need to modify your oil every 7,500 to ten,000 miles. Some models don&#39t need an oil adjust much more often than every 15,000 miles synthetic oil can help your engine last longer, and could even permit vehicle owners to go up to 20,000 miles in between alterations. If you&#39re altering your oil as well frequently you’re just wasting income and oil.

Woman_checking_oil-iStock_96107861-Ivanko_BrnjakovicIn the 1970s, typical vehicles employed 10W-40 oil, which tended to put on out inside about three,000 miles. Thanks to improvements in high-high quality lubricants and tighter tolerances in the assembly of automotive engines, the 3,000-mile baseline does not apply to many vehicles on the road today in reality, automakers now advocate oil alterations at five,000, 7,000, 10,000 or even as high as 15,000 miles for newer models under ideal driving conditions. For example, Toyota recommends an oil change at 5,000 miles for a 2005 Tacoma pickup, Honda recommends 7,500 miles for its 2002 Odyssey, General Motors suggests 7,500 miles for its 2010 Chevrolet Malibu, Ford recommends ten,000 miles for its 2011 Fiesta. A 2013 Porsche Boxster can go 10,000 miles amongst adjustments, and both a 2013 BMW three Series and a 2015 Jaguar F-Sort can go up to 15,000 miles ahead of an oil alter in best conditions with this sort of complexity, it is simple for customers to be confused.

Oil-change-myth-debunkedA 2012 survey by CalRecycle indicated that nearly ten million Californians change their motor oil each 3,000 miles or more often, employing much more than 114 million gallons of motor oil each year –- sufficient oil to fill 173 Olympic-sized swimming pools†. And that’s just California —- think about how much oil is getting wasted across the entire United States by people who don’t stick to the intervals advisable in their owner’s manual. “Unless you’re driving a genuinely old car, or below super extreme situations, there’s actually no explanation to modify your oil at 3,000 miles anymore,” says AskPatty CEO Jody DeVere.

Let’s place that quantity into dollars: Changing motor oil according to manufacturer specifications would decrease motor oil demand in California by about 10 million gallons per year, and could halve the quantity of income these drivers commit on oil alterations, which typical about $ 25 at quick-modify facilities and can price substantially a lot more if your automobile makes use of long-life synthetic oil. Beneath normal driving situations, following the automaker’s advisable intervals will not have an effect on your car’s engine, its performance, or your warranty.

Oil-change-2How Do You Know When To Alter Your Oil?

It is effortless: Study your owners for details on the oil change interval and engine oil ideal suited for your vehicle. Or just do what your car tells you. Because 2003, General Motors has equipped practically its whole North American lineup with the GM Oil Life System in truth, since the 2010 model year, almost half of American carmakers — like Acura, BMW, Common Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini — now provide Oil Life Monitoring Systems to inform drivers when their vehicle really needs its oil changed. These Oil Life Monitoring systems automatically monitor engine traits, driving habits, cold begins, quick-distance trips, and the climate in which the vehicle is operated, and then notify the driver when it is time to get an engine oil modify.

What Is Deemed Extreme Use?

Your engine is deemed to be below severe use when it experiences extensive idling or driving frequently in quit-and-go site visitors, extreme temperatures above 90 degrees or under 10 degrees Fahrenheit, intense humidity, repeated brief-distance trips of much less than five miles, towing a trailer or hauling heavy supplies, or making use of E85 fuel a lot more than 50 percent of the time. If you drive under any 1 of these conditions in a common week, your driving is considered &quotsevere use,&quot and you may want to modify your oil a lot more usually.

Service_engine_soon-iStock_23453379-Gunter_NezhodaAlso, if you are an incredibly low-mileage driver you need to modify your vehicle’s engine oil at least once a year. Otherwise, if your automobile is equipped with an Oil Life Monitoring program, you can trust the information/alert in your dashboard to inform you far more accurately when you require a alter.

Do not have an Oil Life Monitoring System? Seek advice from your owner’s manual, your auto manufacturer’s official website, or authorized dealer for more data. Curious about your car proper now but do not have an owner’s manual handy?

You can find suggested oil alter intervals for many tends to make and models all the way back to the 2000 model year on the nifty widget at


Tired Of Altering Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles?

Then trade in that beat-up 1970’s jalopy for some thing newer! Find your next new car at the AskPatty Auto Getting Service, where you can investigation new vehicles and get negotiation-totally free Assured Savings (obtainable in most states) to save yourself each time and income. The AskPatty Auto Acquiring Service also shows you what other folks have paid for a new car by make, model and possibilities in the final 30 days, providing you an idea what is a fair market price tag for any certain new automobile. The AskPatty Auto Buying Service can also connect you with a nationwide network of trusted dealers who offer a quickly and hassle-free automobile getting expertise.



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New BMW five Series M Sport 2017 assessment

To say the 5 Series is an critical auto for BMW would be underdoing it slightly. Now in its 45th year of production it is still the German brand’s global best-seller, and this all-new seventh-generation model is the most sophisticated however. 

BMW has spent over four years and driven more than three million miles in development vehicles fine-tuning every single last detail. An early drive in the 263bhp 530d proved BMW’s meticulous focus to detail had paid off, but the version we have right here, although, is the model that will be filling corporate automobile parks up and down the nation: the 188bhp 520d M Sport. 

1 of the important motives is down to the leisurely price that it sips fuel it can hit -62mph in 7.5 seconds (Mazda MX-5 pace) but return a claimed 68.1mpg. Far more importantly that translates as 108g/km of CO2 and a 21 per cent BIK rating – better than any rival.

• BMW 520d xDrive evaluation

As an M Sport (generating up more than half over 5 Series sales in the UK) it’s also laden with kit and cutting edge tech. Specialist navigation, LED headlamps, leather upholstery, digital instrument cluster, 18-inch alloys, a 10.25-inch touchscreen display and an eight-speed automatic transmission all come as normal.

If you’d like a few further gadgets the £1,495 Technology Pack will be worth looking at. It adds in a digital key fob, wireless charging and Bluetooth, a head-up display, gesture control and a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

The style and execution of the cabin is also 1st price – you undoubtedly wouldn’t feel out of spot if you are stepping down from a 7 Series. A Mercedes E-Class does look a little much more elegant inside, but BMW’s iDrive system is the slicker and much more intuitive infotainment program to operate. 

The 188bhp two.-litre diesel beneath the bonnet isn’t anything new, but at idle its barely audible from the inside. Any sort of vibrations via the controls have been fully isolated, whilst the variety of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel make it extremely straightforward to get comfy swiftly.

On the move the engine continues to raise a lot more than a whisper at cruising speeds – only when you extend the engine beyond three,500rpm does it get a small a lot more vocal. Nonetheless, rarely do you have to venture that far up the rev variety due to all 400Nm of torque being on offer you at 1,750rpm. Progress is created all the much more calm and serene thanks to the brilliant eight-speed auto which glides its way via the ratios.

• Best executive cars on sale right now

BMW might be famed for its ‘ultimate driving machine’ mantra but in the five Series it is the quality of the ride that rapidly grabs your focus. BMW’s Variable Damper Manage (a £985 option) serves up comfort, sport and adaptive modes, but in all the ride remains supple and forgiving.

That doesn’t seem to have come at the expense of entertainment behind the wheel, even so. The steering is not brimming with feedback, but its quickly and offers the 5 Series an improved sense of agility. The new chassis allows fast alterations in path to be executed with self-confidence and precision, as well. There’s an overriding sense of composure and accuracy to the way the 5 Series covers ground which you don’t get in other big saloons. 

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Honda Civic dominant, sales up by 265% from 2015 – Accord marketplace leader, BR-V registers 7,000 bookings

No surprise to know that the Honda Civic has been a spectacular performer for Honda Malaysia, provided the number noticed on the road. But just how well has it been undertaking? While it didn’t reveal the exact numbers sold considering that the auto was introduced in June final year, the business did give some stats to show off the car’s performance.

The tenth-gen is the present marketplace leader in its category, with a 68% market place share in the C-segment arena. Sales of the FC have been much more than encouraging – it’s 265% higher compared to what Honda Malaysia was reaching with the ninth-gen.

The Civic is accessible here in three CKD locally-assembled variants – the 1.8L, 1.5L Turbo and 1.5L Turbo Premium, with all the bells and whistles. Word is that the ideal seller is the mid-level variant.

The facelifted Accord has also carried out extremely well for the brand. Whilst the D-segment is not really large in the grand scheming of items, the refreshed ninth-gen sedan has shifted two.400 units given that its local debut in September. It as well is the industry leader in its segment.

Meanwhile, the BR-V has exceeded expectations and projected numbers – the seven-seater SUV – launched in January – has currently received 7,000 bookings, successfully reaching nine months of sales numbers of its 2017 target.

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2017 Perodua Axia facelift to be launched quickly?

Is there a 2017 Perodua Axia facelift coming about soon? Data circling on the Net and social media platforms suggest that this is extremely a lot the case (that is the present auto in the pix above, by the way). New attributes for the refresh consist of a new front and rear bumpers as well as a new projector headlamp unit.

The Axia, which was introduced in September 2014, is also set to get a new engine selection, with the 1. litre VVT-i unit from the Bezza sedan generating its way on to the hatch. Inside, the vehicle will now feature a smart entry method and push begin ignition, though these are said to be only accessible for the SE and Advance variants.

Also finding its way on to the refreshed Axia is a new DVD multimedia navigation system with Mirror Link for Android mobile phones, and the info also suggests that the rear tailgate will function a new opening mechanism.

Elsewhere, the obtainable exterior colour palette remains unchanged, with the existing shades Lava Red, Midnight Blue, Ebony Black and Glittering Silver (all metallic) as effectively as Sunflower Yellow and Ivory White (both solid) continuing on. Even so, two colours obtainable at present for the Common E and G variants, Cherry Blossom and Lemongrass Green, are stated to have been dropped.

No details as to no matter whether there are any revisions to the variant line-up. At present, the Axia range is made up of the Normal (E and G grades), SE and Advance models. By the appears of it, we’ll locate out quickly enough.

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Proton CNY promo – up to RM12k rebate till Jan 31

After once more, the festivities are not also far away, and Chinese New Year appears as excellent a time as any to welcome a new vehicle into the household. To that finish, Proton Edar is running a Chinese New Year promotion, with rebates on every model ranging from RM500 to RM12,000.

Beginning with the Saga and Persona, which begin from RM36,800 and RM46,350 respectively, a rebate of up to RM500 is presented. Meanwhile, the Exora people-mover begins from RM69,840, and now comes with a rebate of up to RM4,000. Next up are the Preve and the Perdana, starting from RM59,710 and RM113,438 respectively, with a rebate of up to RM5,000 each.

Proton’s B-segment hatchback, the Iriz, comes with a rebate of up to RM9,300, from a starting price of RM41,520. Last but not least is the Proton Suprima S, the sole model here to come into the CNY promotion with a five-figure rebate – up to RM12,000 to be exact. Costs for the turbocharged hatchback start off from RM69,840.

Valid until January 31, 2017, prices as stated on this Chinese New Year promotion are applicable to Peninsular Malaysia only.

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Jaguar Land Rover achieves highest ever sales in 2016

Jaguar Land Rover’s thriving organization is proof that foreign ownership require not be feared. The Tata-owned British firm has had its ideal ever sales in a full year in 2016, when it sold 583,313 automobiles, up 20% from 2015. It also marked a seventh successive year of growth, and 2016 figures are virtually triple 2009’s.

The final month in the year contributed tremendously to the final tally. Sales in December were up 12% year-on-year with 55,375 units. In China, December sales have been up 36%, the strongest ever monthly overall performance on record.

Europe is nevertheless JLR’s largest sales area, with 138,695 units in 2016, up 26% y-o-y. In its house market place of UK, the two brands sold a combined 117,571 units (up 17%), the best ever on record. Sales have been up 31% in China and 25% in North America.

“This has been a considerable year for JLR, with updated models being introduced across the range, as effectively as the completely new Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Jaguar F-Pace (both have been launched right here last year as effectively, click on the hyperlinks for a lot more). It is particularly pleasing to see the Jaguar brand setting impressive new sales records,” said Andy Goss, JLR group sales operations director.

“Customer response has been extremely positive, resulting in record retails across most of our essential regions. These final results mark substantial methods in JLR’s approach to turn out to be a truly worldwide business and meet the increasing international demand for its two iconic brands. I’m confident that in 2017 our British line-up will continue to expand and delight in markets across the globe,” he added.

Zooming in, the Jaguar brand achieved 77% larger sales in 2016, with 148,730 autos sold. It is the very best ever displaying by Jaguar, driven by sales of the its first SUV, the F-Pace, and the XE and XF saloons. The trio propelled the leaping cat to be the fastest increasing premium brand in the US, outpacing the sector by 116%.

Land Rover sold 434,583 automobiles in 2016, up 8%. The ideal-seller for the year was the Discovery Sport with 122,460 units.

It was also a substantial year for the expansion of the company’s manufacturing footprint to support continued development, with construction starting on the 1st British manufacturing facility in Slovakia, and the opening of the company’s new factory in Itatiaia, Brazil. Jaguar also introduced the XF L, the first model developed exclusively for Chinese consumers, last year.

GALLERY: Jaguar F-Pace

GALLERY: Land Rover Discovery Sport
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