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UMWT introduces Toyota Drive app – book service slot, road help, outlet locator, Topmark listings

UMW Toyota Motor has announced a new smartphone app that will increase convenience for its consumers. The Toyota Drive app is available for free from Google Play (for Android phones) and the Apple App Shop (for iPhones).

Toyota Drive enables customers to schedule service appointments, request for the 24Seven Road Assist service in the case of a breakdown or accident, find Toyota outlets and discover out far more about service packages. A single can also check listings and rates of Toyota pre-owned vehicles from Topmark, which has six physical outlets in Peninsular Malaysia.

Furthermore, owners who have registered with Toyota Drive can also access their vehicle’s service history, get suggestions on how to take care of their Toyota and hyperlink to the brand’s social media channels by means of the app. Check out the video above to see how the app functions.

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New Wise ForTwo Electric Drive 2017 evaluation

Head to any motor show – or showroom for that matter – and the quantity of new electric cars on display is greater than ever before. The trend for battery-powered runarounds shows no sign of letting up, either, as Audi, VW and even Jaguar race to offer zero-emission transport. But offered the volume of newcomers, it’s all as well effortless to overlook about those who’ve been undertaking it for years – like Smart.

The pocket-sized ForTwo Electric Drive has been around for nearly a decade, and the car you see here is the all-new fourth-generation model. There are improvements across the board – on paper at least – more than the model it replaces. The range is up from 90 miles to around 100, while charging instances have nearly halved to 2.5 hours from a quick-charging point. 

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There’s much more power, also. The Electric Drive makes use of a 17.6kWh lithium-ion battery and an 81bhp electric motor, which could not sound like considerably, but as it weighs in at just over 1,000kg, there isn’t significantly to move about. And if you are going to be utilizing the auto in the city where it has been made and created, you probably won’t be going that far either, so 100 miles of variety ought to do the job. 

As the Electric Drive is primarily based on the newest-generation ForTwo, the interior is now a far a lot more habitable place to devote time. There’s a decent seven-inch infotainment technique with navigation, as well as softer plastics and much more cubbies for odds and ends. These inside are no longer crammed in shoulder-to-shoulder, either, as the new model is 110mm wider than prior to.

It may only have 81bhp and 160Nm of torque at its disposal, but the ForTwo ED has a decent turn of pace from a standstill. Smart claims -62mph in 11.5 seconds – about what you’d expect from a modestly powered household hatchback – but the way it scampers up to 40mph signifies it has a handy advantage in busy city site visitors.

It’s incredibly nimble, also, thanks to the fast steering and six.95m turning circle – the smallest of any vehicle on sale. But it’s worth noting that the mixture of snappy acceleration and alert steering can make it feel nervous if you have to make a sudden change of path.

A single fixed-gear ratio also means smooth and effortless progress that is not disrupted by the lurching gearchanges of the common model. The ED’s zippy nature and refined powertrain make it the most entertaining Smart to drive. 

Unsurprisingly, take the ForTwo ED out of its comfort zone and items do not go so nicely. Faster A-roads will deplete the battery and refinement takes a hit with noticeable wind noise and tyre roar. Even so, driving like this is like seeing your child do properly at a school sports day and deciding to cart them off to compete in the Olympics – it’s not actually produced for wider roads or motorways.  

Like the common car, the Electric Drive also rewards from a far more sophisticated suspension set-up than prior to. It is significantly less troubled by pitted city streets and far much more compliant on the move. The faint whirr of the electric motor is all you can genuinely hear in town. There’s even an acoustic warning for pedestrians – the sound generator fitted on the front grille increases the pitch and volume in line with the speed. You can, even so, switch it off totally if you want. 

Official pricing and specs are yet to be announced, as the ForTwo ED won’t arrive in the UK till subsequent September. There’s most likely to be only 1 trim on provide, with kit such as heated leather seats and sat-nav thrown in. Over a similarly specced petrol version, the ED must command a premium of around £2,000. For the 1st time, Smart has also launched an ED version of the ForFour if you require far more space, while a Cabrio model makes it possible for zero-emission motoring for these who like the wind in their hair.

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Malaysia is the ideal location to drive in ASEAN – Waze

traffic jam bernama

It is excellent news for us Malaysians, as Waze has listed Malaysia to be the very best spot to drive in the ASEAN area, according to a report by The Star. On a global level however, the country ranked 23 out of 38 nations in Waze’s second annual Driver Satisfaction Index, which measures general drivers’ experiences.

The index focuses on much more than 20,000 monthly active customers among 235 cities and towns. It measures six factors – density of site visitors, quality of roads and infrastructure, road security, availability of driver solutions, socio economics and “Wazeyness” (happiness and thankfulness of Waze customers).

Malaysia is 1 of 4 ASEAN countries featured in the index, with the others getting Singapore (32), Indonesia (34) and the Philippines (37). From a regional perspective, Central Malacca was the highest ranked Malaysian city at 94 (out of 235) for driver satisfaction, followed by Kuala Terengganu (97), Kuala Muda (105), Kota Baru (124) and Kuching (131).


Proceeding additional, we find Kuantan (134), Kuala Lumpur (137), Kinta (138), Batu Pahat (139), Johor Baru (140), Kota Kinabalu (164) and Larut and Matang (166). Coming in at final location as the worst spot to drive in the planet is the city of Cebu in the Philippines.

“Generally we (Malaysians) are not genuinely satisfied. General the results show that Malaysians are appropriate in the middle of the ranking,” mentioned Waze Malaysia’s sales manager Edward Ling Sieak Meeng, who added that drivers here had been “neither as well pleased nor as well dissatisfied” with driving circumstances.

The index revealed that Malaysians are most satisfied about road quality, but are largely unhappy with the availability of driver services such as access to petrol stations and parking facilities. There you have it people, Malaysia is the best place to drive in the ASEAN area. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section down below.

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The 2016 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles: American Females Drive to Record Results in the Sahara Desert

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-23-Gazelles-1Get Your 4WD On!

by Sue Mead

It’s not uncommon for a family member or friend to donate a kidney or give healthcare assistance to loved ones in a time of need, but a different matter entirely to donate your vehicle’s air compressor in the middle of a competitors!

It was the best year ever for an elite cadre of motoring women from America participating in a grueling occasion in Africa! Soon after nine intense days of competition in the 2016 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, the eight U.S. teams brought house two podium positions in the hotly contested 4×4 class four placed in the best ten and all finished the international endurance rally that challenged a number of the women competitors to persevere by way of mechanical breakdowns, punishing dust storms, and arduous trials with navigating and motoring over difficult off-road terrain in the north western Sahara Desert.

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-23-Gazelles-5The world’s toughest all-female sporting event requires competitors to travel over varied landscape employing only a compass, plotter and ruler, and black and white maps that date from the 1940s to 1960s to locate a series of checkpoints every single day–days that normally variety from 14 to 21 hours of non-cease driving and navigating.

Southern California off-road racers Chrissie Beavis (Rally America) and Nicole Pitell-Vaughan (Greatest in the Desert) battled for the lead all through the prestigious 4-wheel-drive competition, in their Toyota Tacoma. The duo certified for a very first-location starting position, and then stayed in first spot till Day 4, when a strut mount broke and they had to limp via the remaining checkpoints. In an incredibly close contest over the course of 1,060 kilometers, the pair completed an estimated 1.76 kilometers behind their rivals, Swiss teammates Regine Zbinden and Ela Steiner.

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-23-Gazelles-20Sisters Susanah and Jo Hannah Hoehn, of Carlsbad, California, completed third, following struggles with a damaged air suspension in their LR4 almost knocked them out they finished 25 kilometers off of second spot. And, Emme Hall, from Oakland, California, and Sabrina Howells, from Los Angeles, seceded fourth to a fifth-location finish — by a separation of only .55 kilometers, soon after battery difficulties with their Land Rover Defender 110 cost them time and driving distance, in a race where benefit is measured in distance rather than time. Nonetheless, the clock is ticking at all instances and motoring in daylight has a crucial influence on generating checkpoints within the allotted time, and also tremendously improves a competitor’s ability to traverse across rigorous and unsafe terrain with very good sight lines.

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-24-Day1-9A exceptional backstory from the U.S. teams came from the Hoehn family. As Susanah and Jo Hannah set out on their third rally, they had been joined by their Mom, Karen Hoehn, of Del Mar, California, who paired with Maureen Gibbons, of La Jolla, California these very first-timers also chose a Land Rover LR4 for their group vehicle. The daughters took the adventure pondering they would share one thing exceptional with their mom, little did they know that Karen and Maureen would save them.

“The suspension&#39s air compressor faulted as we have been coming out of a giant crater on Day Six. As terrible as it was, it was actually the only place during the rally when we could continue and not bleed important kilometers simply because, shortly after the crater, everyone had to be funneled onto paved roads, and the final two checkpoints of the day were along those roads and have been opened later than normal,” explained Jo Hannah, who along with her sister is a fourth-generation member of the family’s car business (Jo Hannah is the General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover dealership and Susanah is the Service Director of the Honda dealership).

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-29-Gazelles-Day6-5It took us about two.5 hours to get out of the crater with the broken suspension — which must have taken 20 minutes — but we had to take the two highest lines we could uncover so we could clear the ground. In the course of that time, our mom came along the trail and was able to follow us back, which was a comfort in the pitch black. That night, the mechanics had been able to place my mom&#39s compressor in ours the process was completed only five minutes before our starting line the subsequent day. Our mom has offered us so a lot our entire life I thought that this event would ultimately be about her, and the event ended up being about us.”

“Another magical element of the story is that when our compressor was placed in my mom’s automobile, it lifted it enough so that she could drive it on paved roads and travel to the next bivouac,” Jo Hannah enthused. “A new compressor for her vehicle, sourced in Marrakech, arrived the subsequent day in the town near the bivouac — a 10-hour drive away from Marrakech! Close friends of our mechanics in Marrakech stuck it on a public bus — it was an unbelievable story.”

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-25-Gazelles-Day2-9Another wonderful tale came from the extremely close contest of third-year Gazelle’s veteran and X-Games Rally Gold Medalist Chrissie Beavis, who along with second-time competitor Nicole Pitell-Vaughan, Director of Operations at TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication Inc., planned and educated for a year to go to the rally and effect a win. “You perform all year to go and execute an objective,” stated Pitell-Vaughan. “It was a mental and physical challenge to run for the podium the complete time and the competitors was tight. Whilst in a oued [river valley] throughout Day Three, we had been locked in a canyon and had to drive in and out of the wash and, for the duration of this leg, we took a hit from the tire to the shock whilst the truck was flexed as it slid into a hole… the hit brought on the shock mount to fail two days later,” described the off-roader who mentioned “second is the very first loser,” but was content with the pair’s solid finish. “The mechanics welded the shock tab back up and did a great job each night maintaining the CRC / TOTAL CHAOS Tacoma. It was only my second time participating and we ran with the professionals and UTV’s for the duration of all the dune days. The Tacoma excelled in the dunes and is a blast to drive.”

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-25-Gazelles-Day2-39“There have been several variables that attributed to the slight kilometer variance that brought on us to take second place. We lost a lot of time at the crater when we created a Team USA selection to burn daylight and keep with the Hohens and try and help them repair their suspension. That cost us two hours of daylight and it was the very same day we broke the shock mount. So, Team USA took some heavy hits mentally to both the drivers. Understanding you are barely halfway via the rally and experiencing vehicle problems that can price you the entire race truly adds to the anxiety. Plus, sand storms have been an added challenge this year for the navigators it was hard to keep a lengthy-distance heading with white-out situations. It also added to the physical fatigue simply because it was tough to sleep at evening. Also, we had a much longer wheelbase than the winners and it created some obstacles a genuine challenge. We moved mountains literally on Day Eight to attempt and drive as straight as possible.”

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-27-Gazelles-Day4-5It was a third start for driver Emme Hall, who evaluations cars and trucks for Roadshow and is the driver and trophy winner of her personal off-road team Hall campaigns a two-seat 1600cc air-cooled VW in desert races in California, Nevada, and Mexico, and also autocrosses her 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata. It was Howell’s fourth rally and the pair, who stayed at the best of the rankings, entered the final two-day marathon hunting for a fourth-place finish. Mechanical problems with their Defender’s battery threw them off their game. “I think it affected us mentally,” stated Howells. “We began later then we wanted, and then we got off-track in the dunes.” The group ended up less than 1-third of a mile behind the Swiss group of Veronique de Sybourg-Siffert and Emilie Kuhni.

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-29-Gazelles-Day6-6Also in the top ten have been Susie Saxten and Ivy Cass, both of Encinitas, California, who placed ninth in a specially equipped Jeep Wrangler. Teresa Stewart, of Kauai, Hawaii, and Sara Jehn, Oahu, Hawaii, achieved a 20th location finish in the 4 x 4 class and fifth in the Novice Class in a Jeep Wrangler. Also in Wranglers have been Elaine Newkirk, of Rancho Santa Fe, California, and Keely Sellers, Kihei, Hawaii, who placed 57th and Catherine Chadmi, of St. Petersburg, Florida, and Cecile Vinson, hailing from Vaucluse, France. Karen Hoehn and Maureen Gibbons placed 102nd. Read the full finish list for American teams right here.


For additional information in the U.S. get in touch with Emily Miller (916-719-9949), emilymiller@me.com. Rallye photographs by Nicole Dreon.

2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-29-Gazelles-Day6-12 2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-29-Gazelles-Day6-15 2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-31-Gazelles-Final-Leg-15 2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-03-31-Gazelles-Finish-1 2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-04-02-Gazelles-Final-Gallery-1 2016_ralleye_aicha_des_gazelles-04-02-Gazelles-Final-Gallery-15


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AskPatty’s Suggestions to #Green Your Car and Save Gas: Adjust The Way You Drive


Altering your driving habits can enhance fuel economy up to 37%.

Jackrabbit starts and aggressive driving habits are costing you massive time at the pump, whilst belching lots of extra emissions into the atmosphere. All cars lose fuel economy at speeds above 55 mph. That is 1 of the factors it’s the most frequent speed limit. Driving 65 mph as an alternative of 75 mph reduces fuel costs by 13%, while driving 55 would save 25%. FuelEconomy.gov estimates that each five mph you drive more than 50 mph is like paying an extra $ .12 per gallon for gas.

Decreasing aggressive acceleration can save you unbelievable amounts of gas. Most drivers accelerate from to 60-mph in about ten seconds: According to Edmunds.com slowing that to a more regular city pace of 15 seconds, will give immediate savings.

Finally, leaving earlier and constructing in a higher cushion to your arrival time can aid you save fuel and stress for the duration of your commute or your daily round of errands. LivingGreenMag.com suggests that &quotIf you do not feel stressed, rushed, or harried, you are a lot more probably to drive safely and in an eco-friendly manner, thereby saving not only fuel but your well being!&quot

Get all 13 Tips to Green your Vehicle and Save Gas Here at AskPatty.com


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How Far Would You Drive to Watch Your Group During “March Madness”?

NCAA_Survey-leadWould you drive 500 miles to watch a “March Madness” basketball game? How about 1000? Would you drive 2000 miles to see your favourite NCAA Men’s Basketball group play?

Even though the vast majority of fans (41 percent) would pick to watch local games only, according to a current survey by Swapalease.com, 12 percent to 17 percent of basketball fans would drive from 250 to 500 miles to see their favored group play in the NCAA Tournament.

Even far more surprising is that there have been a modest few (about 4 percent) who would contemplate driving 1000 or even 2000 miles to see their favored men’s college basketball team play!

The on the internet survey, presented to much more than two,500 drivers across the U.S., by the auto lease marketplace, asked respondents a lot more than a dozen inquiries related to the “March Madness” NCAA Tournament events, matching their preferred teams to particular sorts of cars, as properly as asking further inquiries about their favourite automotive attributes and other vehicle qualities. When asked which team they believe will win the NCAA Championship, identified that most females feel Michigan State will win while guys favored Kentucky.

IStock_000058300858-efksWhich NCAA basketball group reminds fans of a Tesla? Or of a pickup truck? Most males believe the Texas Longhorns remind them most of a pickup truck while girls are most likely to associate Kentucky with a pickup truck. Interestingly adequate, they both also consider the California Golden Bears’ basketball team reminds them most of a Tesla.

Right here are extra findings from the NCAA survey:

  • Most girls feel the Cincinnati group reminds them of a “Dodge with too many miles on it” Notre Dame for guys.
  • Most guys and women think the Duke group reminds them of a classic Corvette.
  • Most men and women think the Miami team reminds them of a stolen car.
  • Each men and girls feel Tesla must be “Car of the Year.”

In addition to the queries associated to the NCAA Tournament, guys and ladies polled offered exciting, practically contradictory, comments about their preferred attributes and general auto qualities. According to the survey, females are most excited about such features as internal car WiFi (28.9 %) and text messaging help (22.2 %), however feel safety technologies (40 percent) is the most crucial characteristic of a auto. Guys are most excited about blind spot monitoring (55.6 percent) and collision avoidance (43.1 percent), however really feel efficiency (32.9 %) is the most crucial characteristic of a auto.

Click here for complete list of survey findings.

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Sweetheart Security Ideas from @AskPatty and @NexenTireUSA 1: Do not Drive in The Snow If You Don’t Have To


The very best way to keep away from an accident on on snowy and icy roads is to simply remain off the roads until the threat passes.

Practically nothing can inconvenience you far more than a wreck or acquiring stuck! If your trip is non-essential or can be postponed, just remain residence. If the weather forces you adjust your Valentine&#39s Day plans, schedule a romantic evening at property instead.

Be A Sweetheart and Save a Life: Get all 13 Ideas for Driving Safely with the Loved ones on Snow and Ice, right here at AskPatty


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Four-wheel drive for new MINI Clubman ALL4

The MINI Clubman ALL4 has been revealed, bringing four-wheel drive into the brand’s practical VW Golf rival for the initial time. It will be offered on Cooper S and Cooper SD models from April, costing from £24,305.

Previously the only MINI model with the ALL4 system was the Countryman, and this new smaller model marks the very first time four-wheel drive has been supplied on an Oxford-built MINI.

The 4×4 method is electronically controlled, and can modify the amount of torque becoming sent to every single axle depending on where it really is needed the most. MINI says it can improve traction when accelerating out of bends thanks to an electronic differential lock.

On the MINI Cooper S version the ALL4 makes use of the identical 189bhp two.-litre four-cylinder petrol as the front-wheel drive model, with either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic gearbox. This indicates it returns 40.9mpg and emits 159g/km (44.8mpg and 146g/km for the auto), which is about 5mpg and 2g/km worse than the standard model.

The Cooper SD Clubman with four-wheel drive is a lot a lot more economical, with its 187bhp diesel engine and regular eight-speed automatic gearbox returning 58.9mpg and emitting 126g/km – compared with 65.7mpg and 114g/km in the regular version. There’s no manual alternative for the diesel, even though.

Despite the added weight from the 4×4 method the ALL4 makes the Clubman more rapidly from -62mph by .two seconds – down to 7 seconds on the manual Cooper S model and six.9 seconds on the automatic. The diesel Cooper SD version improves from 7.four seconds to 7.two seconds.

Sat-nav comes as standard on the ALL4 versions, as well as the MINI Excitement Package, which includes extra interior lighting and a logo projection underneath the door when you open it to get in or out.

Do you think the MINI Clubman needs four-wheel drive? Let us know beneath…

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Kia reveals Drive Wise sub-brand for autonomous tech

Kia has revealed that its future autonomous automobile technologies will sit under a new sub-brand known as Drive Sensible. It’s component of the company’s program to release a completely autnomous vehicle by 2030, and was revealed at the 2016 Customer Electronics Show (CES).

The plan has a couple of stages – it starts at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, where some of the essential technologies will be on show. By 2020 Kia says it will have a partially autnonomous auto on the roads, capable to take on motorways and visitors jams by itself. By 2025 the autonomy will be available in far more conditions and by 2030 the brand hopes to have a fully autonomous vehicle.

The brand enomcpases tech that’s currently on numerous passenger automobiles nowadays, like lane-maintain help, smart cruise manage, automatic city braking and a parking assist technique that turns the wheel for you when parking.

Other tech that will appear on vehicles as element of the Drive Wise brand consists of Highway Autonomous Driving (HAD), Urband Autonomous Driving (UAD), Preceeding Car Following (PVF) and autonomous valet parking – exactly where the auto parks itself totally independently.

Kia is showing off some of the new tech in an ‘I-Cockpit’ display at CES, which functions fingerprint and gesture recognition to display a customised cabin in front of the driver – one that adjustments based on who it is. It can also set the music and climate manage automatically.

The autonomous tech is getting tested in Nevada with the Soul EV, with Kia possessing been grated a licence to test in the state.

Kia also revealed a teaser for the KCD12 notion – it will be shown at the Detroit Motor Show later this month, and previews a new massive SUV that is sold in Korea and the US, but there wont be a European version.

See much more from CES 2016 on our round-up page.

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September 19 is “International Be(er) Accountable” Day, So Don’t Drink And Drive!

FriendsAreWaiting-budweiser-dont_drink_and_driveFinal year, Budweiser introduced a digital-only ad for &quotGlobal Be(er) Responsible&quot day, a campaign against drunk driving on September 19.

As the day rolls about, the well-known video featuring an adorable and loyal yellow lab is making a comeback once again, jumping from 19 million page views when we highlighted it final year, to much more than 23 million page views now.

According to Enterprise Insider, Budweiser is targeting the emotional ad at 21-27 year-olds who share content material with friends on social media. There&#39s nonetheless significantly conversation trending about it under the &quot#FriendsAreWaiting&quot&quot hashtag.


Budweiser USA: Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waitig”


Asking yourself about the touching song that gives the video&#39s narrative? You won’t find the song anywhere but in the Budweiser ad. According to BigFrog 104 it’s not accessible for download simply because it’s not a full song. What you hear is all there is. The song ‘When You Come Home,’ was written by Dan Rodriguez just for the commercial.

Following the achievement of Budweiser’s Super Bowl industrial featuring Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go,&#39 which had been well-known overseas but didn’t reach #1 in the U.S. till the commercial came out, Rodriguez may want to contemplate writing a full song and releasing it so fans can download it.

AskPatty has a specific fondness for adorable puppies, so we specifically appreciate Budweiser&#39s heartwarming Super Bowl commercials featuring a tale about the adore among a yellow lab puppy and 1 of the beer brand&#39s iconic Clydesdale horses. They might just be beer commercials, but they undoubtedly do touch the heart. Face it, I&#39m a sap, and it doesn&#39t take much to make me cry.&#0160 This 1 advertising Worldwide Be(er) Responsible Day touches my heart as well, specially since our CEO Jody DeVere also has a gorgeous yellow lab of her own.

Next time you go out, be certain to make a strategy to get house safely. Your friends are counting on you. Drink responsibly.


Budweiser USA: #BestBuds | 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog”


Budweiser USA: Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial | 2014 Budweiser Super Bowl Industrial&#0160 &quotPuppy Adore&quot


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