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UMWT introduces Toyota Drive app – book service slot, road help, outlet locator, Topmark listings

UMW Toyota Motor has announced a new smartphone app that will increase convenience for its consumers. The Toyota Drive app is available for free from Google Play (for Android phones) and the Apple App Shop (for iPhones).

Toyota Drive enables customers to schedule service appointments, request for the 24Seven Road Assist service in the case of a breakdown or accident, find Toyota outlets and discover out far more about service packages. A single can also check listings and rates of Toyota pre-owned vehicles from Topmark, which has six physical outlets in Peninsular Malaysia.

Furthermore, owners who have registered with Toyota Drive can also access their vehicle’s service history, get suggestions on how to take care of their Toyota and hyperlink to the brand’s social media channels by means of the app. Check out the video above to see how the app functions.

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DRIVEN: Proton Ertiga – taking it out on the road

No shame in rebadging, if it serves up a remedy that would otherwise take as well long – and too significantly – to accomplish. Such is the case with the Proton Ertiga, which features the Suzuki MPV with the very same name as its donor. It’s the initial automobile to come about from the collaboration with the Japanese manufacturer, carried more than virtually wholesale for deployment in this market place.

As has been talked about ahead of, the notion behind the compact MPV’s introduction is straightforward adequate. Although the automaker has the Exora, not everybody needs a huge individuals mover, and price is often a paramount consideration at this level. With most just wanting as many seats for as tiny outlay as achievable, a B-segment supplying fits that short in the most appropriate style.

Which is where the Ertiga comes in. It opens up a complete new front for the national carmaker, affording it the means to take on long-standing and established competition such as the Perodua Alza with out possessing to go through the whole rigmarole of possessing to design and create one from scratch.

We take a closer appear to see if the off-the-shelf fix measures up. It is actually the second go with the Ertiga, but the initial was very significantly limited in scope, confined to the automaker’s test track in November last year. This time out, we put the MPV via its paces by means of a more reflective road test.

1st, a fast revisit of the automobile and its specifications. No revelations to be identified in those lines, even though the unfettered, generic shape must hold up well over the lengthy run. Compared to the original, the front finish of the Proton derivative functions a wider grille with a chrome bar running across the width. The front bumper has also been redesigned and functions larger fog lamp surrounds.

The rear, meanwhile, gets a mix of elements from the facelifted and pre-facelift Suzuki model, and the Ertiga sits on 5-split-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels across the model range, dressed with 185/65 GT Radial Champiro Eco tyres. A point about the centre caps, which wear the new Proton logo – fitment on the test mules didn’t look really flush or uniform, so that is one thing to boost on.

At 4,265 mm extended, 1,695 mm wide and 1,685 mm tall, with a wheelbase of two,740 mm, the Ertiga – which sits on a stretched Swift platform – is 327 mm shorter and 114 mm narrower than the Exora, but has a ten mm longer wheelbase. As for the Alza, it is major competitor, the Ertiga is five millimetres shorter and 65 mm taller, even though the Perodua has a wheelbase that’s ten mm longer.

The cabin is a dead ringer for that on the Suzuki, with every little thing brought more than in bulk, the only change being the Proton logo adorning the steering wheel boss. You get only one flavour for the interior, and that is a grey/beige colour scheme. Whilst the bright tone option lends a better perception of space, there are prospective troubles with going that route, but more about this later.

The drive presented a review of the rear dimensions of the interior via numbers. Past the rear aperture, you get 850 mm of available height, even though there’s 1,180 mm of width pre-wheel properly and 1,000 mm in in between the wheel wells. Depth, with the third-row seats totally folded, is 1,000 mm, growing to 1,820 mm with the second-row folded. With both rear row seats folded, there’s extremely decent cargo space to be had, at least to sight.

The Ertiga is offered in 3 variants, an Executive manual (RM58,800) and automatic (RM61,800) as well as an Executive Plus auto (RM64,800). A recap on gear. Normal across the range are front and rear fog lights, rear parking sensors, USB connectivity, two 12V power sockets (one particular in the second row), a rear air-con blower and a 4-speaker audio system.

The Plus adds on chrome garnish for the front fog lamp surrounds and the interior door handles, a driver seat height adjuster, a multi-function steering wheel and two front seat back pockets (as opposed to one particular on the base Executive). Also on, power-folding door mirrors with integrated LED indicators and and two dashboard-mounted tweeters to bump up the speaker count to six. No Bluetooth for the audio kit, although.

As for safety kit, the Ertiga is equipped with dual airbags, ABS with EBD and Isofix child seat anchors on the second row. There’s no electronic stability control offered for the vehicles right here, but regardless of this, the model is nevertheless worth a four-star ASEAN NCAP rating.

Energy comes courtesy of the Japanese automaker’s K14B 1.4 litre naturally-aspirated DOHC VVT petrol engine, familiar to all from the Swift hatchback. Here, it delivers 92 PS at six,000 rpm and 130 Nm at four,000 rpm, paired with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission.

The output figures aren’t all that hot (for instance, it has 14 hp and six Nm significantly less than the Alza), but it is nonetheless very good sufficient to get the Ertiga from standstill to 100 km/h in 11.eight seconds for the manual and 13.9 seconds for the auto.

What it lacks in output, it tends to make up for in fuel economy. On paper, the Ertiga is capable to achieve 5.7 litres per one hundred km (manual) and six. litres per one hundred km (automatic) on an European NEDC cycle run, which tends to make it the automaker’s first automobile to get an Power Effective Vehicle (EEV) certification. It is also the very first compact MPV in Malaysia to acquire the status.

On to the functionality. The day-long drive of the Ertiga began with a fuel economy challenge, carried out over a 72 km-extended route out from Proton’s Centre of Excellence to Bandar Malawati in Kuala Selangor. Cruising along for the most at speeds of 80-90 km/h on the motorway, the Ertiga felt smooth and largely poised, with the MPV very agreeable to the unhurried, light throttle approach we had been taking with it.

As for FC numbers, primarily based on the trip laptop reading, colleague Durrani Shahrom and I managed to coax 21.7 km per litre from the MPV more than the reasonably quick course. Unless you’re going to drive feather-footed and not encounter considerably site visitors situations on a daily basis, which is hugely improbable, this figure isn’t anyplace close to being realistic.

On the challenge, some heavier-footed drivers had been carrying out 17-18s, so primarily based on this a genuine-world average someplace in the 14-15s will be workable if you are judicious with the throttle, which is what the final reading was when we rolled in back to the COE in the evening, getting accomplished a lot more than 200 km. For the fuel challenge, we can only report our personal numbers, simply because the final figures elsewhere have been jumbled.

As expected, the steering has extremely small feel, but is light enough for urban function, and front seat comfort is decent. The second row seats, which can be slid backward and forwards as a lot as 240 mm, offer very good legroom if there are no third-row occupants, with the capacity to tilt the seat-backs becoming a boon.

Go with six, nevertheless, and it becomes a considerably tighter affair. To provide workable knee-space clearance on the very final row, second-row passengers will have to haul in the seats and have the seat-backs – completely – tilted up.

For short hops, this will not be an concern, and the rear-most seats are absolutely workable despite an apparent lack of headroom for taller passengers. Actually, that is quite considerably what they will be for, for brief runs within the city, since you can’t seat six and try lengthy-distance runs, not if you want to carry baggage, which presumably most do on out-of-town trips. If so, with 135 litres with the rear seats in position, these bags will have to be fairly little.

The Alza of course faces the very same concern, and has even much less space to boot (negative pun) with 83 litres, so one particular genuinely can’t complain about what’s offered on the Ertiga. If you do fold flat the third-row seating to accommodate luggage, this goes up to 400 litres, but then you’re basically left with a four-seater.

Now, the second-row 60:40 split bench can truly seat three, but with no lap belt in spot, that indicates the middle-most passenger goes without security. Not that it has stopped most, truth be told. An option permutation for five and cargo would be to deploy a single third-row seat and hope that half the accessible volume (about 200 litres) functions.

On to ride and handling. As opposed to the Perdana, exactly where at least there was some tyre-tuning on hand, the Ertiga rides and handles specifically as the Suzuki it was designed as. The latter aspect is not expected to be a forte on an providing such as this, and it is not.

Preserve it tidy and it is all quite manageable. Try corners at slightly larger speeds, even so, and you’ll discover fairly a bit of roll and only typical levels of grip, with a tail exhibiting a liveliness that isn’t all that reassuring. With no VSC present, even more so, and the latter is one thing that must be addressed.

The exact same can also be stated about ride elements. In an urban context and corresponding speeds there’s little to complain about, with secondary ride becoming fairly clean. The principal takes a bit more receiving used to, a lot more from the second row on, the stiffness brought about by the torsion beam set-up being evident.

At national highway speed limits and beyond, second row occupants will have to contend with a fair quantity of jiggle, amplified even additional on the third row. Makes you wonder what could have been had Proton’s ride and handling boys been provided the chance to work on the set-up.

Nonetheless, it is not uncomfortable, the Ertiga you just have to take a a lot more measured approach with it, as was noticed in the initial fuel economy component of the drive. In terms of civility, factors remain largely intact running into the 90-one hundred km/h variety, with 110 km/h becoming borderline in terms of NVH and general ride refinement.

Press on into and above the 120 mark and you’ll locate that while wind and road noise levels remain decent, the powertrain – and drivetrain – begins getting very raucous, and not extremely pleasantly so. The mill loses severe puff as well as the speed climbs, and even though it’s achievable to get the Ertiga to 160 km/h, inquiries remain as to how it will fare hauling more in the way of load, seeing as there have been only two in our car.

No surprises with the four-speed Aisin automatic’s functionality. You can really feel the transitions and the lack of gearing becomes apparent as you move higher up the speed scale, but it works well adequate in moving the MPV about in slower-paced urban applications.

A word about the auxiliary air-conditioning for second- and third-row occupants. The ceiling-mounted rear unit – which has its personal devoted cooling coil – takes in air from the cabin through a series of front facing intake vents, and the blower becomes really audible from the front row as a outcome of those apertures. No complaints about its efficiency although.

Some thoughts about the beige part of the two-tone colour scheme that adorns the interior. Light colours undoubtedly make the cabin really feel airier and bigger, and they always appear fantastic when new, but you can just see troubles cropping up down the road.

The seat fabric aside, high get in touch with wear locations appear to be the arm rest fabric on the door card and side panelling on the centre console. Actually, several places of the plastic trim appear like they will not be capable to escape inevitable scuffing (and the slow grind of gunk, more than time), so unless you’re fastidious, keeping it all pristine will be a challenge. The level of wear will rely on how often you taxi people around in the Ertiga, but it’s unavoidable.

So, the stick to-up report card on the Suzuki-derived Proton Ertiga returns a bit of a mixed bag of final results. There’s surely quite a lot of guarantee, but there are also shortcomings. Even though a day’s worth of driving does not truly reflect how it will shape up for most buyers more than the extended haul, there are some pressing points that look like they will unquestionably rear up.

The Ertiga is in its element approached in an urban context, as a individuals mover for city use, and if you are not in a hurry. Regardless of the shadow cast more than it by the Alza, it’s versatile adequate for what it is, certainly for the automaker in plugging a slot in a segment it previously had nothing at all in, but no matter whether the lack of pull and refinement when pushed will be an issue down the line will rely on the expectations purchasers have of it.

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Electric automobiles could get priority at city road junctions

Seeking to purchase an EV in London? The incentive to do so might turn into greater than ever below new Government proposals. ‘Clean Air Zones’ could be brought in that let electric automobiles to be offered priority at junctions.

Five UK cities are becoming regarded as for the programme, with Clean Air Zones to be introduced by 2020. Interestingly, the UK capital isn’t presently one particular of them – the Department for the Atmosphere, Meals and Rural Affairs (Defra) wants Birmingham, Southampton, Nottingham, Derby and Leeds to bring in the zones.

• Greatest electric cars to buy now

According to the BBC, the zones can be controlled by nearby authorities allowing new road layouts to be constructed around electric automobiles. In theory, this means the EVs could be permitted to bypass one particular-way systems or filter via junctions ahead of conventionally fuelled cars.

The Clean Air Zones are required to let the Government to meet European limits on air pollution – as ordered by the Supreme Court. Regional pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide are to blame for tens of thousands of deaths every year in the UK.

• Best hybrid vehicles to buy now

It really is hoped that the schemes will significantly encourage the take-up of electric vehicles. The quantity of ultra-low emission autos – such as plug-in hybrids and pure electric automobiles – registered in the UK has enhanced by 250 per cent in two years and the Government has also announced a £35million investment to encourage much more low-emissions car ownership.

What do you feel of plans to priorities EVs in cities? Let us know in the comments…

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Win a road trip with Mercedes-Benz and paultan.org – luxurious getaways with the C180, C300 and GLE400!

Mercedes-Benz C250, AMG Line, Avantgarde, Diamantsilber metallic, LederCranberryrot/Schwarz, Zierelemente Holz Esche schwarz offenporig, (W205),2013

Dear paultan.org readers and Mercedes-Benz fans, we’ve got a treat for you. With each other with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, we will be hosting road trips to 3 scenic locations in Malaysia for you to expertise the brand new Mercedes-Benz C180 Avantgarde, C300 AMG Line and GLE400 AMG Line up close and individual.

Winners will be accompanied by paultan.org personnel on a luxurious all expense-paid three-day, two-evening (3D2N) weekend getaway to chosen premium resorts in either Ipoh, Penang or Pahang. You will be taken by means of scenic routes along the way to genuinely get to know the new Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

Three separate road trips are available:

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE400 AMG Line – 3D2N at Mangala Resort and Spa, Pahang (June three-5)
  • Mercedes-Benz C180 Avantgarde – 3D2N at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Ipoh (June 10-12)
  • Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG Line – 3D2N at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang (June 17-19)

Oh yes, you and your companion will get to drive the car in query (C180 Avantgarde, C300 AMG Line or GLE400 AMG Line) all through the journey. A paultan.org writer, an knowledgeable road tester, will lead the convoy in a second car, and will be at hand to explain the ins and outs of the Mercedes-Benz model.

Ever wondered how paultan.org testimonials new vehicles in Malaysia? Now’s your likelihood to join in. Just fill up the form below and choose your preferred Mercedes-Benz model. We will call up the winners quickly. Good luck!

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz GLE400 AMG Line

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG Line
GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz C180 Avantgarde

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‘Mopar Road Prepared Powered by @Dodge’ Teen #SafeDriving System Returns for 2016 Season

Mopar_and_BRAKES-Teen_Driving-Road_ready-A4720cc6f9laubv5bn20krl6qjvpas9 (1)The Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge teen secure-driving plan is returning for the 2016 season with events scheduled over the weekend of Could 14-15 in Detroit and the weekend of May 21-22 in Brandenton, Florida. The spring stops comply with fully full sessions offered in 2015 by the complimentary sophisticated driver’s instruction program.

Sponsored by the FCA Foundation and supported by Mopar and Dodge, the Mopar Road Prepared Powered by Dodge plan is dedicated to training and educating teenage drivers in between the ages of 15-19 with a learner&#39s or driver&#39s license and at least 30 hours of driving knowledge.

Mopar_and_BRAKES-Teen_Driving-Road_ready-45ltim0sl286t9es5hsgev2ib0The defensive driving classes are geared to educate teenage drivers behind the wheel, and are cost-free to registered teens and their parents or guardians. A $ 99 refundable registration deposit (plus processing fees) is needed to secure a spot and is returned soon after the session.

“Parents have embraced the Mopar Road Prepared Powered by Dodge plan and its mission to teach teen drivers beneficial defensive driving expertise,” stated Pietro Gorlier, Head of Components and Service (Mopar), FCA – International. “With the help of our friends at the NHRA Motorsports Museum and B.R.A.K.E.S., / we’re excited to bring an additional round of events to educate even much more teens so they can safely learn beneficial defensive-driving expertise in a controlled environment.”

“The Dodge brand wants all drivers to experience that visceral feeling that tends to make them fall in enjoy with driving, and that involves creating confident they really feel comfy in all circumstances,” stated Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Auto Brands – Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA – North America. “The Mopar Road Prepared Powered by Dodge system gives new teen drivers extra opportunities to understand skills and gain useful expertise behind the wheel.”

Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge was created in collaboration with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Motorsports Museum and B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Protected), two nationally recognized non-profit 501(c)three organizations that share comparable missions of promoting the value of secure and accountable driving.

Mopar_and_BRAKES-Teen_Driving-Road_ready-2c1qavclr9h9315oge6blmdpgusParticipants benefit from a confirmed curriculum and high-caliber instructors provided by the B.R.A.K.E.S. organization, with both classroom education and hands-on training with a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio. Each teen&#39s participation in the instruction program involves a companion experience for a parent or adult guardian who also will actively take component.

Mopar Road Prepared Powered by Dodge sessions will give a short classroom evaluation of core driving subjects, like correct seat positioning, hand positioning, and basic vehicle dynamics. Sophisticated behind-the-wheel instruction will then be offered to teens, with on-track course sessions including accident avoidance (slalom), distraction, panic stops, and wet skid pad events. Every session gives 4 hours of valuable instruction.

Mopar_and_BRAKES-Teen_Driving-Road_ready-BU015_115EVq8tvkndnj2hlvqd5p1ic3rojnmSlots are filling up fast for the upcoming Metro Detroit occasion, but parents can nevertheless register their teens for future sessions at www.mopar.com. Morning sessions run from 8 a.m. till noon, with an afternoon session from 1 p.m. to five p.m. After all eight available weekend sessions are fully registered, a wait list will be established for spots that open up due to cancellation and for parents interested in signing up their teens for any feasible future visits to the plan.

Give your teen the abilities and knowledge he or she requirements to be safe behind the wheel. Please bookmark the B.R.A.K.E.S. occasion web page, and check routinely for updates. B.R.A.K.E.S. hosts teen driving schools all about the United States and adds new events frequently.

Mopar_and_BRAKES-Teen_Driving-Road_ready-BU015_117EVrgiiuf4qbtqmh3f6emu6re47mThe defensive driving system has offered totally free sessions for registered teenaged drivers and their parents or guardians in Pomona, California Gainesville, Florida and Detroit, Michigan, currently this year. In addition to earlier visits in 2016 to Indiana and New Jersey and the upcoming Center Line event in Detroit on the weekend of May 14-15, the plan will also make a cease in Bradenton, Florida, over the weekend of Could 21-22. Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge, now in its second year, expects to have impacted much more than 1,500 extra young drivers and their parents.

Get six teen driving ideas here at AskPatty.com

Ask Patty – Automotive Suggestions for Women

Undeclared healthcare circumstances make millions of older drivers a danger on the road

Millions of motorists aged 65 and above are risking their personal lives and the lives of other road customers by deciding on not to declare their healthcare situations to the authorities, a new study reveals.

Investigation carried out by Direct Line Automobile Insurance coverage located close to a third of older drivers have a healthcare situation such as visual impairment, heart condition or epilepsy which should be disclosed to authorities like the DVLA. However, practically half of these drivers admit to keeping the authorities in the dark.

• Low cost vehicle insurance for young drivers

Of the drivers who failed to disclose their medical situation, the majority cite they really feel it doesn’t have an effect on their driving. New laws for drivers aged past 70 mandates they fill in a self-assessment form every single 3 years, but critics are calling for tougher measures that contain a healthcare test. There are at present more than seven million drivers with a complete licence aged 65 or over.   

It is not just older drivers that pick to keep their health-related history a secret, however, as the study also located that across the spectrum a quarter of drivers have a ‘notifiable condition’, however 10 per cent pick to ignore the law and hold it hid from authorities. Failing to disclose critical medical data to the DVLA could land a fine up to £1,000. 

• Least expensive vehicles to insure

Gus Park, director of motor at Direct Line, mentioned: “Regardless of age, drivers that have a notifiable or worsening medical situation or disability must disclose this to the DVLA and also to their insurer to stay within the law.

“Even those who feel their physical status will not influence their driving need to nevertheless disclose their situation, as failing to do so means they danger a hefty fine and even prosecution if they have an accident.”

What do you believe about the problem of drivers failing to decalre healthcare conditions? Let us know in the comments section below…

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Mercedes-AMG GT R road auto set for late 2016 debut


Previously believed to be identified as the AMG GT3, it looks like Affalterbach’s coming range-topping super vehicle variant will be known as the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Yes, the name’s striking resemblance with a specific Japanese supercar may possibly have Nissan kicking up a bit of a fuss, if not for its alliance with Daimler AG.

A report from Motor Trend claims that a supply inside AMG’s walls revealed the new name of the road-going model that will sit above the AMG GT S, properly reserving the GT3 title for the track-only racer.

As spied prior to on several occasions, the Mercedes-AMG GT R has been observed wearing an additional aggressive exterior physique kit which functions a sportier front bumper, a massive fixed rear wing and an F1-style diffuser amongst other overall performance-enhancing things. New reports recommend that active aerodynamics will also be involved, along with a 4-wheel steering program.

The Motor Trend report also suggested that the AMG GT R will feature an industry-very first adjustable spool valve active suspension method. Beefier brakes, bigger wheels and a handful of design and style tweaks inside the automobile is also anticipated along with a weight-loss programme that will see it shed up to one hundred kg over the GT S.

For energy, the German GT R is mentioned to function a much more potent version of the four. litre V8 biturbo engine currently obtainable in the GT and GT S variants. With the present GT S pushing 510 hp and 650 Nm of torque, reports recommend that the GT R could get up to 600 hp.

Launched in Malaysia in June 2015, the four. litre twin-turbo V8 Mercedes-AMG GT S is priced at RM1.125 million. With the GT R, Mercedes-AMG will specifically appear to challenge Porsche’s 911 GT3 and the GT3 RS, properly pushing the GT S’ price tag point greater up the scale.

GALLERY: Mercedes AMG GT R spyshots

GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG GT R road car at the Nurburgring
GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG GT3 race auto
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Daily full road closure at Semantan slip road heading towards Jalan Johar – from now till December 27, 2015


Starting from these days until December 27, 2015, a complete lane closure will come into effect at Lingkaran Damansara (Semantan slip road) towards Jalan Johar (KL-bound). According to MMC Gamuda KVMRT (PDP), the closure is facilitate the delivery, assembly and installation of pedestrian link bridge Entrance B at the Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD) MRT station.

The daily, full-day closure will not impact motorists from Kuala Lumpur heading to Petaling Jaya, as nicely as these from Bangsar heading to Bukit Damansara or Kuala Lumpur. Nevertheless, road customers from Kuala Lumpur heading towards Jalan Johar will be diverted to go straight along the SPRINT Highway.

From there, they will then need to have to take the exit towards INTAN/Mon’t Kiara and maintain on the leftmost lane in order to make a U-turn at the traffic light prior to heading back to the SPRINT Highway and continuing on to Jalan Johar.

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Road widening, U-turn lanes completed in Taman Desa

PJ Traffic Jam

The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has widened Jalan Desa Bakti and Jalan Desa Utama in Taman Desa, with the addition of U-turn lanes along the roads to ease targeted traffic congestion, Bernama reports.

“This project began last April and it is now 100% completed and residents have started to use it on September 6. We often want the residents to get the best infrastructure from the government,” Federal Territories Deputy Minister Datuk Dr Loga Bala Mogan told reporters after going to the location earlier this week. He added that the project cost RM800,000.

According to DBKL, the congestion was brought on by cars creating the appropriate turn into SMK Desa Perdana at Jalan Desa Utama, and also those generating a U-turn all of them coming from the Salak Highway.

Apart from the above, the city council also added a pedestrian walkway, street lights, drainage program reconstruction and grass on the road shoulder and divider in that region.

The stakeholders are pleased. Taman Desa Residents Association chairman William Chan expressed relief over the completion of the project and thanked the government, even though SK Taman Desa headmaster Mazlan Bahari stated traffic flow in the location had enhanced tremendously, particularly in the course of peak hours.

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AskPatty and Nexen Tire USA Share Our Summer Road Trip Stories

There’s nothing at all like taking the household out on a summer time road trip! With the finish of the summer time upon us and back-to-college currently here for those of us with kids, AskPatty wanted to share a couple of of our team&#39s summer season road trip travel stories.

Regardless of the time of year, it is no surprise that road trips are among Americans’ favourite way to travel. According to a current survey by AARP, road trips are specifically well-liked with the 45-plus leisure travel audience, with 87 percent traveling by vehicle around 3 occasions a year and 72 % claiming it as their favorite way to travel. Among them, 45 percent indicate the trip is about each the journey and the destination.

As an instance of this, we&#39re sharing 3 travel stories from AskPatty and Nexen Tire USA staffers 1 is about the destination, a single is about the journey, and a single combines them each.


1-Mount_whitney-iStock_000005069639_SmallThe Location:
Mount Whitney with Marie McClain, AskPatty Customer Care Staff

“I took a road trip this summer with my family. We went to Mount Whitney to camp with our camping buddies from my youngsters&#39 school. Mount Whitney is the highest summit in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada, with an elevation of 14,505 feet. We traveled 231 miles from our Los Angeles base through Highway 14 to Highway 395 in our 2009 Toyota Tundra.

Elevation at the Mount Whitney portal road is 4,000 feet and from there, the road climbs speedily in elevation to 9,500 feet. I felt like I was on a roller coaster going up and did not want to appear down. YIKES!

1-Mount_whitney-bear_box_foodIt was a gorgeous spot to camp and was an specifically nice break from the heat down beneath. The campground is surrounded by streams of rushing water where at times you can catch fish regrettably, my son and his dad had no luck catching fish this trip.

Let&#39s not neglect to mention that we had been camping in bear nation! However, we didn&#39t understand to put almost everything in the bear box until the second evening. The first night we left out empty coolers, dishes, and a massive water container with ice. Soon following we went to sleep in our tents, I was just dozing off when I heard a &quotklink,&quot followed by a big &quotcrash!&quot For next 30 minutes the bear was attempting to open the coolers. He finally gave up on the coolers then knocked down the dishes and went downstream. I did not sleep that night. The nights soon after that, we put every little thing in the bear box and the bear stayed away.

The rest of the time we enjoyed hiking, fishing, and eating Giant pancakes with our friends at the Mount Whitney portal.”


2-2016_Volvo_s60_T5_AWD_Cross_country-20150827_090445The Journey:
Central California Highway 1 and 101 Through San Francisco with Brandy Schaffels, AskPatty Chief Editor

I ended my summer season with a swift getaway to Sausalito, California, and although there, enjoyed a beautiful 158-mile drive northward on California&#39s scenic Pacific Coast Highway (aka Highway 1) and back southward on Highway 101.

2-cavallo_point_resortThe trip began with a flight from LAX into SFO, and from there, I transferred to Cavallo Point, a beautiful lodge at the foot of the Golden Gate bridge on the Sausalito side of the San Francisco Bay. This luxurious destination was when Fort Baker, a former U.S. Army post, and still consists of many historic buildings that were formerly officers&#39 residences. It&#39s also property to many new buildings that are LEED Gold certified thanks to a long list of green initiatives that assistance sustainability, stewardship, and preservation of this treasured Golden Gate National Park internet site.

2-Cavallo_Point_cooking_class-20150826_190341On the very first evening of my trip, I participated in a entertaining class hosted by chef Jeyne Richart as part of the Cavallo Point Cooking College, during which we prepared a delicious meal that incorporated a giant slab of ocean-fresh salmon, yummy corn succotash, and a berry buckle desert produced with components from the nearby farmer&#39s market. I was personally responsible for slicing the corn niblets off the cobb, and am pleased to report that all my fingertips remained intact at the finish of my task! A highlight of the evening was watching the sun set from the patio of the lodge while our food was cooking.

On the second day of my trip, I was fortunate to be in a position to take a 2016 Volvo S60 Cross Nation T5 AWD wagon out for a coastal drive route that pointed me northward on Highway 1 past Point Reyes and to Bodega Bay. The coastal route featured beautiful winding roads with the scenic ocean visible for most of the ride, till I reached the Sonoma County Fairgrounds where I switched into an uber-indulgent 2016 Volvo S60 T5 Inscription model for the drive back to the Cavallo Point Resort by way of Highway 101. The luxurious Volvo sedans hugged the roads, creating every single twist and turn really feel a little bit like becoming on a racetrack, while we rode in comfort inside, swathed in soft leathers with lovely wood trim. We also spent element of this road trip evaluating the new Volvos&#39s security technology, like Lane Maintaining Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Road Sign Info systems. Watch for a a lot more detailed test drive overview on these cars quickly at AskPatty. I flew back home on the third day.”


3-Acura_TSX-Jaclyn_quesnelThe Destination and the Journey:
A San Francisco Road Trip with Jaclyn Quesnel, NEXEN Tire USA Marketing and advertising Specialist

“This summer time my beau and I decided to take a road trip up the coast. We packed our stuff into his Acura TSX, and as I set up the navigation to reach our San Francisco hotel, my boyfriend did his usual security inspection on his automobile. This man is extremely meticulous when it comes to his vehicle: Just before ever leaving on a long drive he wants to know the tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread, he also checks to make certain there are no blemishes or hazardous marks on the tires, he checks the battery cables for corrosion, and checks to make sure the oil level is right. He also checks for physique scratches because that Acura is his child. I feel his meticulous behavior is due to his military instruction, but I’m OK with it simply because he keeps us secure. With all safety points in check, we had been off.

3-Golden_gate_bridge-iStock_000044484230_SmallDriving north for eight hours wasn’t as undesirable as I thought it would be. It gave my boyfriend and me the chance to press pause on our busy lives, take pleasure in the scenery, and reconnect. We’ve in no way been at a loss for words so it was wonderful to feel like we just had all the time in the planet to chat it up. We stopped at a handful of modest locations along the way and explored new places that weren’t quite like Southern California. At one point along the lengthy, winding coastal route to San Francisco there was a bunch of cars pulled more than by the side of the road. With no other roads top in, and nowhere to go but north or south, my boyfriend commented on how lucky we had been to not have that difficulty. There seemed to be an endless supply of automobiles with blow outs. I jokingly added, “It’s a good issue I got you those Nexen tires so we don’t have to be concerned about road hazards or unsafe tires.” (Yes, this sounds like a commercial plug, but I genuinely did say that.) The only other obstacle we seasoned was our inability to escape the beaming sun shining straight through the front window. Absolutely everyone knows summer time time in California is hot, but even a full blasting AC cannot safeguard you from the power of that sun!

We knew we had arrived in San Francisco once we reached a single of the most beautiful bridges I had ever seen. The lights had been lit all the way across generating what seemed like a road to paradise. We settled into the Mark Twain hotel downtown and got some rest so we would be prepared to rise at five:00am sharp. We were planning on waiting in line for final-minute tickets to Alcatraz considering that we weren’t aware that tickets sell out months in advance. They only hold 75 final-minute tickets so it’s essential to be first in line. We created it and the tour was remarkable. It consists of an audio tape telling you all about the history of the jail as you stroll by means of the cell blocks at your personal pace. I highly suggest this tour to anybody who plans a trip to San Francisco.

For the remainder of the trip we kept our automobile parked at the hotel lot and purchased two Hop-On Hop-Off bus tickets to tour the rest of the city. This was a wonderful alternative for us because we had been in a position to do every thing at our own pace and nevertheless make it to all the major attractions. We were also not enormous fans of the steep hills and challenging parking, so public transportation was the way to go.

Following 3 days in the city, our trip came to an end and it was time to head back south. The trip property turned out to be even greater than the way up for two principal motives. 1, the sun was now behind us and being blocked by the rear tinted window, and two, since we identified a wonderful tiny hidden purchasing outlet to break up the drive time. Most ladies would dread a buying trip with their beau but not me. That man of mine shops even a lot more than me! The sun began to fall and we realized it was definitely time to continue home. We made it back safely with memories to last a lifetime, and a couple of new products that hopefully can last almost as extended.”


Check_tire_pressure-iStock_000020917541_SmallRoad Trip Preparation Guidelines

According to AARP, most road trippers did some automobile preparation before taking their trip, with checking tires (71 %), washing the automobile (51 %), performing routine upkeep (48 percent), and preparing an emergency kit (43 %) amongst their preparations.

Whether or not your road trip getaway is about enjoying your journey, or just receiving to your destination, NEXEN reminds travelers to constantly verify your tire pressure, such as the spare, ahead of you hit the road.

Improper inflation can lead to uneven tread wear, shorten lifespan, and reduce your car’s responsiveness. Over-inflated tires bulge like an more than-inflated balloon, creating a smaller speak to patch that limits grip and braking capability. Under-inflated tires offer much less traction, wear out prematurely, and most importantly endure unnoticeable and irreparable harm that compromises functionality. Not only do under-inflated tires put on out more quickly, they&#39re also much more probably to overheat, top to harmful blowouts whilst traveling. Lastly, keeping your tire stress at the recommended level can increase fuel efficiency by about a mile per gallon. According to the Division of Energy, driving on below-inflated tires can reduced gas mileage by .three% for every 1 psi drop in stress. Be positive to check out &quotTire Safety for Household Summer time Road Trips&quot for a handful of more handful of security suggestions to make confident your road trips go off with out a hitch.

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