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‘The cost VW will spend for its self-inflicted mess is immeasurable’

Volkswagen’s deeply damaging diesel debacle simply will not go away. Practically 18 months into the scandal, the German giant still stands accused of cheating – and much far more. Culpable directors on multi-million Euro salaries, plus senior managers earning considerably significantly less, have lost jobs and careers.

Former chairman Ferdinand Piech now faces attainable legal action, too, right after he claimed he raised the diesel problem with the board months just before the scandal broke. VW emphatically repudiates these allegations, and this could outcome in an unseemly libel case. And even though this self-inflicted mess is likely to cost billions in fines, compensation and legal expenses in the quick term, the cost VW will spend over future decades is immeasurable.

• VW emissions scandal most current

Earnings in the final economic year have been non-existent. VW is undoubtedly down. But, as it showed in late 2016 and again in early 2017, it’s not out. Who’d have believed residual values for its diesels with ‘cheat’ technologies would hold up so well? Or that the VW Group would overtake Toyota as the world’s number a single automobile maker by volume? Or that VW UK would, even without having the Phaeton on its books, take its official costs by way of the psychologically essential £50,000 barrier. Can a Touareg truly justify a £50,810 list price tag?

How has VW managed to do so effectively in showrooms when it is performing so badly in courts and government hearings across the globe? By producing punters delivers they can’t refuse. The up! city vehicle remains good value from around £8,500 right after cost cuts, while discounted Polos and Golfs at sub-£10k and £20k respectively are no brainers, as well. All 3 are current Globe Car of the Year winners – and nonetheless really inexpensive. And even though prime-end VWs aren’t as good, they’re getting slashed by £10,000 or more.

In the US, possible VW purchasers are being drawn in by lease offers that comprise “$ initial payment + $ down payment + $ safety, plus 3 years’ free of charge upkeep on ALL 2017 Volkswagen models”. Other Stateside clients are enjoying 20 year/200,000-mile warranties on new VWs and 10 year/100,000-mile cover on used examples.

Could official or unofficial VW retailers supply equally tempting offers to UK buyers? Hyundai and Kia pray not. After all, a VW – even one with a questionable diesel heritage – would be completely irresistible to UK motorists if blessed with a planet-beating 240-month warranty.

Would you still acquire a Volkswagen? Let us know in the comments section beneath…

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“The door’s left open for makers to uncover cheaper land & workers abroad”

An inspired selection brought the British motor business to Greenwich, South London, on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is a crying shame, then, that the public wasn’t told about the exhibition by the Thames. The setting was appropriate, the climate was proper and the automobiles were proper. 

I fear the presence of a Government Minister, Sajid Javid, may have transformed what could and ought to have been a good automobile fest for all into a needlessly higher-security operation for a man and his ministerial limo. 

• London Motor Show 2016 to bring key automobile shows back to capital

The Organization Secretary seemed out of his depth and mentioned subsequent to practically nothing in the course of his desperately brief formal ‘speech’, which demonstrated how out of touch British politicians are with a single of our largest and most essential manufacturing industries. 

Land Rover Discovery - front tracking

These of us in attendance were subjected to his irrelevant views on a certain Tv programme and its former presenter. But what we wanted and deserved was, for example, his take on the expanding difficulty of UK-based manufacturers producing new plants and jobs overseas rather of here.  

The official position of his department is “companies have to make their personal industrial decisions”. In other words, the door’s left open for automobile makers who’ve traditionally built in Britain to uncover less expensive land, builders and car workers abroad. And they will… it’s worrying. 

Jaguar XF Portfolio - nose

On a brighter note, we can be proud of the 10 new Brits on stage: the Aston Martin Rapide (built in Gaydon), Bentley Flying Spur (Crewe), Honda Civic Kind R (Swindon), Jaguar XF (Castle Bromwich), Variety Rover (Solihull), MINI Clubman (Cowley), Nissan Qashqai (Sunderland), Rolls-Royce Dawn (Goodwood), Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports (Burnaston) and Vauxhall Astra (Ellesmere Port). However, the reality remains that every one particular of these ‘Brit’ brands is now foreign owned. 

Maybe this explains why when these automobiles appeared in Greenwich, they did so against a backdrop of half a Union Jack. Large mistake. No other nation would dare show just 50 per cent of its flag when promoting its items – or come to believe of it, anything else. So why Britain is falling into this trap (see www.gov.uk/britainisgreat) is beyond me.  

Thankfully, the open-to-all London Motor Show hits yet another portion of the capital, Battersea, inside seven months. Anticipated to be proudly flying over the occasion will be an complete Union Jack.

Do you agree with what Mike says? Let us know in the comments! 

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VIDEO: Bentley Bentayga teased once again as “the world’s fastest SUV” – prototype hits 301 km/h for the duration of testing

Here’s another teaser video to preserve us busy even though we wait for the official unveiling of the Bentley Bentayga. Unlike prior spots nevertheless, this particular 1 could carry the most weight as it announces the arrival of Bentley’s new crossover as “the world’s quickest SUV.”

Mentioned minute-lengthy teaser video is simple sufficient in that it goes on to show a camouflaged Bentayga mule lapping a high-speed course at an “undisclosed location” – since an air of mystery tends to make it all the a lot more cooler, proper? The video then cuts to a shot of the car’s digital speedometer which, as anticipated, shows the prototype hitting a speed of 301 km/h.

Plenty quick for what is primarily a penthouse on wheels, we reckon. The monumental functionality comes courtesy of a twin-turbocharged 6. litre TSI W12 engine with over 600 hp and more than 800 Nm of torque. The finished write-up is anticipated to be revealed at the upcoming 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. If this is what the regular vehicle is capable of, imagine what the Bentayga Speed can do…

Bentley Bentayga scale model

Bentley Bentayga Speed spyshots

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“The franchised new automobile garage as we know it is wrong”

Higher Street retailing hasn’t changed in current decades. It’s been revolutionised. Today’s ideal coffee shops, supermarkets, electrical shops, stationers, furnishings warehouses, clothes outlets and drinking establishments are a globe apart from their counterparts of yesterday.

• Driver Power 2015: ideal auto dealers

In the past, customers in search of, say, audio or video gear would have to go to Rumbelows or Comet. Now they’ve got Apple Retailers or Richer Sounds. Like Blockbuster, Borders, Focus, MFI, Threshers and other people, Rumbelows and Comet have been murdered on the High Street. Every dog has its day – and they’ve had theirs. Conventional/tired franchised dealers promoting new vehicles, take note. 

Too many languish in inappropriate properties peddling factory-fresh automobiles in the very same way they’ve constantly peddled them – via the hated haggling procedure. Consumers go up against seasoned salesmen (ladies are rare) on their territory, ‘negotiating’ on their terms. Then the cars take months to arrive! It is all wrong. 

• Best new car bargains

The consumer knowledge is wrong. The business model is incorrect. The classic, tired, franchised new vehicle garage as we know it is – in 2015 – wrong. A lot of franchised dealers have been exempt from the retailing revolution.

Finance, deal, buy, sell, dealer, happy

It’s for these factors that I am, for the initial time, urging customers who’ve decided what model, spec and colour they want NOT to go direct to a franchised dealer for the haggling/getting ritual.

Initially, at least, bypass them. Use the phone and Web to shop through established third-party firms – agents, brokers, enablers, facilitators, intermediaries and the like. The leading ones closely monitor UK retailers, supplying the greatest prices, client service and delivery dates. 

• Best-selling automobiles in the UK

You don’t have to meet or go to that retailer (who, incidentally, will possibly be a franchised dealership) as it’ll most likely be many miles away. Pay electronically. Have the auto delivered, on a trailer, to your residence.

Standard dealers who’ve been loyal to manufacturers more than the years can not just be dumped. But they should join the revolution, transforming salesgeezers into administrators, moving to a lot more appropriate premises, pondering significantly less about being frontline retailers and becoming far more like nearly invisible suppliers cum stockists – just like those firms we acquire from by way of Amazon. 

And if they don’t modify, a lot of could – possibly, ought to – go the exact same way as Rumbelows and Comet. 

Do you feel the way in which we purchase new vehicles wants a shake-up? Have your say in the comments…

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